What is Wellness Coaching?

It empowers and guides individuals to make positive lifestyle choices that enhance their well-being. A conversational session that facilitates a process whereby the individual is able to move toward wellness goals.  Although not a health professional or trained therapist, the wellness coach assists coaching clients to set goals to work around identified internal pain.

The number of sessions is dependent on the individual’s goals and may be affected by life circumstances, time, and motivation.  Though a follow-up session to assess the success of the process is recommended, it is up to the client whether the follow-up is necessary.

We integrate a holistic approach developed through doctoral research and personal experience that focuses on mind, body and spirit health expertise that incorporates Eastern body (energy healing and chakras) and Western mind (psychology).

Essentially we

  • help reduce the psychological complications of spirit injury
  • promote good health behaviours
  • increase organization effectiveness and viability