What is spirit injury?

It is a term used to describe the cumulative emotional effects derived from constant assaults to the psyche that grows like a cancer within body, mind, and spirit.

Who is this practice intended for?
  • Individuals who want to understand and decrease their spirit injury and the accompanying psychological and health challenges
  • Individuals who want to develop coping strategies and find productive ways to effectively manage their inner pain
  • Boards and senior managers who want to develop a positive and effective working environment
What are the benefits?
  • Learn to avoid the expense, perils, and emotional turmoil of a badly managed and often unrecognized cause of internal pain resulting from spirit injury
  • Develop an understanding of spirit injury patterns that lead to an improvement of individual health
  • Improve management skills within the organizational structure
What can I gain?
  • Identification of the nature of spirit injury, why it arises, and how it can be re-directed for maximum benefit to the individual
  • Recognition of the various manifestations of spirit injury so as to prevent it from becoming so entrenched that it escalates
  • Knowledge of effective models that assist in spirit injury management
  • Skills to deal with spirit injury with a greater awareness of the impact it has on the individual, the family, community and organization
  • Development of a proactive management/governance style directed at self, and interpersonal relations and organization effectiveness
  • Ability to invest less time and energy on conflict and negative behaviours, thereby creating more productive relationships with others and optimizing positive workplace performance