About the Founder

Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD is a wellness interventionist/ coach, human relations and communication specialist, who works with individuals and groups to increase individual, interpersonal effectiveness.  She provides customized programs and seminars through consultation, and has been advising private clients since 1990. Her involvement with various educational and community organizations enables her to engage at an individual and community level in confronting issues of particular significance to women.

Her doctoral thesis titled Resilient Iris: Intergenerational Spirit Injury of Diasporic African Women Spirit Healing and Recovery focused on intergenerational spirit injury of women. Spirit injury is a term used to describe the cumulative emotional effects derived from constant assaults to the psyche that grows like a cancer within body, mind, and spirit. She facilitates individual emotional and internal pain/spirit injury wellness coaching, with a particular focus on healing and recovery of individual spirit injury (trauma).  She is an avid facilitator and interventionist, who attempts to reduce spirit injury (suffering), while promoting good health behaviour.

Her two unpublished Masters degree integrated studies (capstone) papers Validity of Action Learning as a Management Development Tool for Bermuda’s Public Sector and An Evaluation of Action Research as an Organisation Development Strategy in a Unionised Bermudian Business enabled Dr. Pearman Ziral to gain a deeper insight into management and human resource challenges. As such, she was positioned to facilitate focus groups, workshops and college classes that covered a broad range of organizational issues. Additionally, her international experience provides a knowledge base that enables her to bring that diversity to Toronto’s multicultural milieu.


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