Don’t you deserve a healthy and fulfilled life?

Kathy A. had earned a degree in business management and was hired by an apparently thriving organization. But when the firm downsized, she, as one of the most recent hires, was laid off.  Kathy was compelled to work two jobs to make ends meet, one as a part-time waitress during the day, the other as part-time office cleaner at night. The ‘good life’ she had once believed was attainable seemed to stretch   further and further beyond her grasp.

Kathy contacted me, having heard of the wellness workshops I conduct on a fairly regular basis. She was desperate for some guidance to overcome her increasing depression and nagging physical ailments. I am not a medical doctor, but my expertise lies in wellness strategies that I teach in my workshops and as a college professor. I did work with Kathy on a one-on-one basis, as I do with many others, and taught her methods and approaches that gave her the courage and fortitude to persevere, overcome depression, dismiss feelings of defeat, and resolve myriad wellness issues. She learned to harness her innate energy and embarked on job interviews with a re-energized focus and belief in herself. Shortly thereafter, with renewed confidence and vibrancy, she secured a full time position that she says is ideal both financially and emotionally.


Kathy had been among a growing number of employees who are now a part of the newly defined job classification of ‘precarious employment’. This sector is typified by women (and men) engaged in part time, temporary, or contract employment. They rarely receive benefits, are subjected to unstable working conditions, lower wages. For all too many, as a consequence, stress and anxiety, autoimmune challenges, excessive weight gain/loss and other physical/emotional reactions become manifested.


Precarious employment is the new normal, with a bleak picture of countless individual workers whose emotional and physical health is in serious jeopardy. The good news is that help is available. There are non-medicinal remedies that can enable you to deal effectively with this now common workplace norm.

Is what is happening in your life similar to that experienced by Kathy and others? Are you frequently depressed, despondent and uncertain about your future? Is this having a negative effect on your health and relationships?

If so, there are ways and methods that you can employ to fortify your physical and emotional health. Such fortification will afford you the mental strength and physical health to prevail and ultimately succeed in dealing effectively with the vagaries of life that are making you feel weak and broken. You are woman. You have a built-in resilience. You MUST learn to harness this resilience in order to soar. These are not just words. You CAN learn to tap the infinite strength that lies deep within you.


Recommendation – look at the next post for the first step among several toward embarking on effective healing emotional and physical strategies.


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